Playtime Creation Established.2000

2000 - A youth based musical series “Josh” A Hindi play “Khel” starring Paresh Rawal, Nasseruddin Shah Project Consultants for “Hritu Sahar” for Door Darshan Produced 11 Gujarati plays for Alpha T.V. Gujarati for their slot “Natak”

2001 - Assisted a Canadian Production House “Timeless” for making a docu drama titled “Mind & Spirit” A Hindi Play “Gandhi Viruddh Godse” Starring Paresh Rawal Travel Show “Gujarat Express” for Alpha T.V. Gujarati.

2002 - Produced “Shubh Mangal Savadhan” a daily comedy series for Sahara Manoranjan

2003 - A pilot demo “Batuk” a fantasy for kids. A unique format Supposedly For The first time in India.

2004 - Produced a bi weekly comedy “Bhagvan Bachae inko!’ for Sahara TV–202 episodes

2007 - Produced a Hindi daily series “Teen bahuraniaan” for Zee T.V. Prime time, 10.30 p.m. 61 episodes

2007 - Produced a Hindi daily series “Main Aisi Kyunn Hoon” for “Sahara - One” Prime time, 8.30 pm, 215 episodes

2008 - Produced a Hindi daily series “Jeevan Saathi” for Colors Prime Time 9.00 pm, 259 episodes

2009 – Produced Hindi daily series “Laagi Tujhse Laagan” for Colors

2012 Prime Time, 8.30 pm 512 episodes.

2010- Produced Hindi daily series “Ruk Jaana Nahi” for Star Plus”

2012 Time 6.30 pm 248 episodes.

2012- Produced Hindi movie “OMG” “OH MY GOD” with Paresh Rawal and Akshay Kumar.

2013- Produced Hindi daily series “Mrs. Pammi Pyare Lal” for Colors Time, 7.00 pm 72 Episodes

2018 - Produced Hindi daily series “saat phero ki hera pherie” for sab tv Time, 9.30 pm 119 Episodes