Paresh Rawal

One of the most recognized faces in the Indian Entertainment Industry, he began his career as a Gujrati theater actor at a very young age having received praise from stalwarts such as Shombhu Mitra he has since acted in over 100+ Gujrati and Hindi plays aside from being an accomplished director as well his directorial Gujarati play was Astank in year 1983 Paresh forayed into mainstream films in year 1985,with a hit film 'Arjun' Over the years he has left his indomitable mark in more than 200 films in 6 languages

Swaroop Sampat

There are renaissance men and then are renaissance women, Swaroop is a perfect example of various synergies blended into one. An excellent homemaker who is also a former Miss India. A charismatic model an experienced educator gifted actress prolific writer and a loving wife for over 3 decades she has enthralled audiences with her skills as an actor and at the same time niched a mark in the field of education as well. The knowledge she imparts across various education boards in India and abroad is theater centric, apart from parallel focus on effective communication parenting and life skills

Hemal A Thakkar

With a strong foundation ans an actor, Hemal commenced his journey two decads ago with a famous and successful Gujarati play 'Andhlopato' directed by Vipul Shah. Over a course of time, he took television serial and movies. Hemal has lent his creativity to a plethora of Gujarati as well as in Hindi. Through his expansive portfolio an eye for perfection, penchant for quality and determination for superior output is there for all to see